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Demonstrate Compliance to Regulators, Partners, and Clients.

With rapid advances in technology and an explosion in workforce connectivity and mobility, the business landscape has transformed almost overnight. The universe of cyberthreats now ranges from foreign governments, to the kid next door, to the disgruntled system administrator employed by one of your company’s critical vendors.

As a result, mandates for effective security practices are growing. Nearly every company is being asked to justify its security maturity levels and compliance to an ever-increasing number of interested parties. Here is how SDS helps with this process:

Risk Management

  • Determine existing risk tolerance methodology to set a baseline of acceptable risks
  • Review current workflow process and risk management forms, e.g. exception management
  • Configure and implement risk intake forms (e.g., SOX)
    • Configure workflow to align with current risk treatment or acceptance criteria Process
    • Risk identifier
    • Decision-making authority (acceptance or treatment criteria process)
    • Risk treatment ownership
    • Development of notification rules

Compliance Policy Development and Management

  • Develop missing procedures and policies
  • Integrate existing policies into compliance manager framework
  • Map policies to applicable regulatory controls and frameworks (e.g. ISO, NIST)
  • Configure relationships to regulatory requirements

Assessment Organization and Reporting

  • Formal assessment procedure documentation
  • Instructions to modify or add assessments
  • Configuration of an automated platform (TrustMAPP) with industry controls to ensure timely response from process managers
  • Develop conditional questions based upon response
  • Configure three reports on outcome and policy mapping:
    • Gap Report representing “missing controls” for selected regulatory requirements or control framework components
    • Findings Summary Report representing the overall profile of an organization’s risk posture
    • Completion Status Report consisting of key recommendations for maturing missing or weak processes and procedures

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