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Virtual Information Security Team (vCISO)

Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) offers a virtual information security team (vCISO) arrangement for your governance, risk, and compliance management needs. By contracting this function to SDS, you get a top-rated assessment instrument (TrustMAPP) along with operation of a safer information environment.

From workflow development to assessment design, analysis, and reporting, the team at SDS brings seasoned professional to the table. Informed by our rapid risk assessment and reporting platform, you can quickly focus on actions that address threats and strengthen your security posture. Our team will bring our industry-leading Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) to your security needs to strategically guide a proactive program.

Establish security objectives, policies and roles.

Establish security objectives, policies and roles.

The benefits of a professional team

The benefits of a professional, outsourced GRC program are many. The interrelationships between cyber risks, controls, policies, and assets become clearer. Strategies and budgets are aligned with business objectives. Compliance becomes less of a periodic scavenger hunt.

Mature GRC improves outcomes as business intelligence is integrated into the organization, producing:

  • Lower costs, higher efficiency, and improved workflow through informed decisions
  • Consistent and accurate information about the state of risk and compliance initiatives
  • Metrics on operational, compliance, reputational, and financial risk categories

Will an SDS Virtual Security Team benefit your company? 

SDS brings clarity to your GRC confusion and overwork. Using our groundbreaking automation tool, Accliviti, our consultants will quickly query your front-line stakeholders to discover the maturity of existing processes. A summary of findings will highlight specific areas that can benefit from ongoing or periodic management by an SDS virtual security team. 

What is the cost of GRC as a service? 

Our clients range from Top-10 private U.S. corporations to midsize companies balancing multiple cyber threats and regulatory pressures. The cost of outsourcing security and compliance management is directly proportional to the number of applications and business goals you bring to the table. Service by an SDS team can be billed on a monthly or quarterly basis under a minimum 12-month agreement.

SDS Service Warranty

Our warranty is very simple: Try a SDS virtual team solution for three months and if you like the benefits, we ask for a 12-month commitment. Why that duration? Due to the complexities of automating your processes into our platform, an engagement shorter than 12 months may not produce long-term measurable ROI for your organization.

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