Leading Since the Inception of the Cyber Security Field

The mission of Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) is to protect your company with strategic information security and data privacy services. We’ve been in business since the inception of the cyber security field, and have built a culture of excellence around 10 core values—earning us national notoriety and a place in “Minnesota’s Best 100 Companies to Work For.”

Qualified – Our consultants are certified and bring 10 or more years of experience in key disciplines.

Strategic – We adhere to a sound Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP), built around the industry’s highest standards and control frameworks.

Business-minded – We help develop strategic plans and budgets around measures with highest business impact and ROI.

Communicators – We bring simple, visual reporting that resonate with executives and directors and speaks their business language.

Collaborative – Our MAPPs unite all stakeholders in cybersecurity—from the C-Suite to technical engineers and analysts.

Responsive – We are full security partners, dependable and committed to answering your urgent requests within one business day.

Honest – “Do the right thing” is the integrity cornerstone of every client relationship. We deliver what we’ve committed to.

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