We Assist Before, During, and After Your Compliance Audit.

Data breaches of unprecedented size and number threaten businesses worldwide. In this environment, regulations are sprouting up to mandate stronger security practices. Companies are asked to demonstrate security controls and compliance more frequently and to a growing number of interested parties (including prospective clients and customers).

Prepare for and pass audits efficiently.
Prepare for and pass audits efficiently.

These assessment requests come in many forms, including questionnaires, requests for proposal (RFPs) and on-site audits. Responding is often a disruptive drain on productivity if not managed effectively.

SDS performs audits. So no one can prepare you better!

Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) understands all aspects of information security audits because we also perform them on behalf of various clients! We can assist your company at all stages: from preparation and in-audit coordination and support, to post-audit assistance with response to findings by management. Throughout the process, SDS can be your coach, your buffer, and your advocate, getting your IT staff back to their day jobs!

Your guide—or your complete audit manager.

Taking our services up a notch, you may outsource complete audit management to SDS. We’ll be your surrogate throughout the process, including:

  • Education and training regarding what to expect
  • Onsite audit planning, facilitation, and status reporting
  • Collection and submission of management’s response to any findings identified.

Or SDS can simply help make your current assessment response and audit coordination processes more repeatable, efficient, and measurable. This service includes:

  • Assessment of current policies and practices
  • Presentation of prioritized recommendations to help meet your company’s security RFI and audit needs.

SDS Information Security Audit Liaison Services add essential clarity to sometimes-murky directives. We keep the process productive by filtering through overlapping requests and guide your team to finding and articulating the answers.

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