A Data Breach: Not If, But When.

In today’s threat landscape, organizations are wise to assume that a breach—or at least an attempt—is inevitable. Play-by-play, Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) can have your business ready for that event. We’ll ensure you have the confidence of knowing what move is first, and what moves never to make.

As the clock ticks, the right calls are crucial.

Prepare a response and recovery plan.
Prepare a response and recovery plan.

Once a potential data breach is identified, a timetable is set in motion. The right plan can mean the difference between stopping an attempted theft in its tracks, or letting it compromise information.

SDS takes a hands-on approach to breach preparedness. Using our Data Breach Playbook, we bring you a simulation of the breach experience in real-time. You’ll learn to solve unforeseen problems while better defining key functions and measures.

SDS Data Breach Readiness engagements include:

  • Learning what to expect in a data breach scenario
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities before an attack
  • Developing goals and milestones
  • Having a logistics plan and communications platform
  • Problem-solving (legal, public relations, vendors, consumers, etc.)
  • Real-time feedback, as well as post-simulation training

Fortify breach preparedness with better upstream security management.

Business wisdom comes and goes, but Benjamin Franklin’s “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” will likely never fade.

Of course, the best breach preparedness is stronger “upstream” governance and management of security programs as a whole. SDS has deep expertise in developing a clear security MAPP for organizations—a Maturity Assessment, Profile and Plan—that builds stronger cyber security through measurably stronger business processes. We recommend that every organization start with our baseline MAPP.

If you do find yourself scrambling after a breach, bring a meaningful agenda to your Data Breach “War Room.” Download this one from SDS, developed in the wake of a large healthcare breach. It was featured by Health Data Management online.

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