February 9th, 2017

Published today on CSOOnline.com the Secure Digital Solutions Chief Information Security Officer provided a point of view on building security through business relationships. In the article CISO, Ed Snodgrass discusses the importance of understanding the requirements of business peers. In addition Ed continues to talk about the relevance of KPI’s in measuring security program performance namely focusing on the capacity and effectiveness of security teams to support business decisions such as expansion, M&A and new technology adoption. A critical question addressed in the article focuses on translating security experience and success into business value business leaders can truly understand.

The opinion piece highlights the value our team at Secure Digital Solutions believes in to partner with customers and leverage TrustMAPP platform to manage the business of information security.

Additional key questions to consider highlighted in the CSO Online article include:

  • How could risk lead to loss of POS availability for a retail CIO, fraud for a financial services CFO or loss of proprietary IP for a technology company CTO?
  • When leadership ‘get’ it, does that understanding now change the strategic business goals?
  • What is leadership’s perceived level of risk to their respective business?

To gain additional insights to answers to these questions and others you may request a complimentary one-on-one phone conversation with Ed Snodgrass by contacting him at info at trustsds.com.