May 12th, 2017 

Industry professionals Adam Stone and Greg Witte are pleased to announce a new webinar on Tuesday June 27 @ 11 am EST entitled “Seeking Performance Excellence in Cybersecurity Management.” Join us to learn about the new Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence framework and see how security leaders can use this guidance to take their cybersecurity programs to the next level! Register via WebEx here:

As an information security leader, your executive team likely challenges you to show the business value of the people, processes, and tools you have in place to manage your cybersecurity program. In response, your instinct may be to use familiar techniques (such as risk assessments or audits) to measure and communicate the effectiveness of the controls you have in place. Though cyber risk and audit
reporting are essential tools for the information security leader, they often fail to translate cyber riskiness into the language of business value.

Recently, the Baldrige Program (the folks behind the national award for quality) introduced the Baldrige Cybersecurity Initiative to address the dual challenge of measuring cybersecurity performance excellence and improving communications with executives and the board of directors. Baldrige’s self-assessment tool, the Cybersecurity Excellence Builder (BCEB), is the first nationally-recognized framework for measuring the quality and value of your cybersecurity program.

How can cybersecurity leaders leverage the BCEB to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program? How does the BCEB relate to other cybersecurity frameworks, such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)? What additional performance improvement resources are available to cybersecurity leaders?

Your presenters:

  • Adam Stone, Principal Consultant and Chief Privacy Officer, Secure Digital Solutions, LLC
  • Greg Witte, Senior Security Engineer, G2, Inc.

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