TrustMAPP Platform

TrustMAPP grew out of our experience delivering security performance assessments to our Fortune 1000 clients here at Secure Digital Solutions. We realized that what clients wanted was a software platform that could give them a continuous view of their cybersecurity maturity, based on our MAPP methodology.

Security Performance Management

From that experience, we designed TrustMAPP to be a better way to assess security performance and maturity. It offers a standardized methodology, customizable assessments, and exceptional visibility into completion status.

TrustMAPP gives CISOs a real-time view of their cybersecurity performance. TrustMAPP tells you where you are, where you’re going, and what it will take to get there. From a single source of data, an organization’s security posture is visible based on stakeholder perspective: CISO, C-Suite, and Board. TrustMAPP gives organizations the ability to manage security as a business, quantifying and prioritizing remediation actions and costs.