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Comprehensive Information Security Program Management without the Guesswork.

Research shows CISOs are often hampered by inadequate strategy, resources, communication, and executive trust. (Deloitte CISO Transition Lab). These management problems are solved with a MAPP—a Maturity Assessment, Profile and Plan focused on business process maturity. Now conducted with the automation of TrustMAPP™, the MAPP method saves time and costs, while enabling CISOs to become strategic partners of senior management.

TrustMAPP Builds a Maturity-Based Security Program in 3 Steps:

Assess – Critical business functions and IT assets are benchmarked against maturity frameworks. This measurement is rapid and repeatable using assessment templates configured to the NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO27001, as well as industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC, FedRAMP, and SOX.

Profile – Each process is measured using six dimensions of maturity: awareness, policy and procedures, automation, expertise, accountability, and measurability. Assessment data is transformed into meaningful visual summaries of security status and investment needs for effective forecasting, planning and communication with executives and boards. Conduct trend analysis and see process performance over time or across multiple divisions within the business.

Plan – Recommendations for security improvements are prioritized by highest business impact and delivered with cost estimates—forming the foundation for strategic plans and budgets that advance maturity goals. Accliviti empowers the CISO with a clear picture of the organization’s security posture, including trending analysis, planning and budgeting, and built-in support for multiple frameworks.

A MAPP with TrustMAPP is proven to move information security forward.

Now, the the MAPP steps are rapid and repeatable. By providing clarity, TrustMAPP helps build partnerships with the board and CEO, as well as with IT Audit, business departments, and risk managers. The platform raises awareness, provides a voice for all stakeholders, and allows the group to work off of a common set of priorities.

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