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Develop Precise Information Security Strategies and Budgets.

TrustMAPP™ doesn’t stop with assessment scores. Attached to gaps in the profile are recommendations. Business-critical improvements are ranked at the top, based on your organization's business goals.

laptop-3-FPOLoaded with business intelligence, TrustMAPP is a CISO's Strategic Assistant. With every process-level weakness—for example, vendor risk management scores a low 2 out of 5—the analytics engine lets you set a desired maturity goal. Click the recommendation feature and TrustMAPP outlines an improvement plan. Click another and TrustMAPP calculates capital expenditure and resource estimates necessary to reach the goal of 5, both initially and during ongoing operation.

Equipped with estimates, CISOs can decide—with executive concurrence—which scores are business-critical based on corporate objectives. 

Equipped with estimates, organizational teams can build strategic plans and budgets around improvements in areas of bod_report_screenleast maturity over the next one, two, or three years. TrustMAPP empowers you with a clear picture of the organization’s security posture, including trending analysis, planning and budgeting, and built-in support for multiple frameworks.

With TrustMAPP, the scoring, tracking, and reporting on security process maturity can happen in weeks, instead of months, helping you rapidly develop and communicate an information security roadmap to guide your entire governance, risk, and compliance infrastructure.

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