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See How TrustMAPP™ Can MAPP Your Cyber Security

TrustMAPP® provides CISOs and CIO's with a presciptive plan and repeatable KPI's—a management MAPP for cyber security programs. With TrustMAPP, leaders efficiently gather data assessing maturity and aligning to existing risks. Collected information is analyzed instantaneously to form a profile of security health. Finally, TrustMAPP assists in planning objectives in areas of weakness by recommending action steps and calculating estimated resource costs to reach those goals. 

TrustMAPP has been called "light years ahead" in these ways:

  1. Customizable – TrustMAPP’s assessment templates are pre-configured with NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO27002 as well as industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC, FISMA, and NY DFS Cyber Security Regulations.
  2. Actionable – TrustMAPP groups audit controls into business processes, where improvements build longer term capacity. Align duplicative controls to common security process areas measured against six dimensions.
  3. Prioritized – TrustMAPP automatically prioritizes recommendations by highest to lowest business impact, aiding decision-making. Security leaders can set maturity goals for weak business processes, knowing they’re making the biggest possible difference.
  4. Cost-conscious – TrustMAPP calculates cost estimates—both initial and ongoing—needed to make each improvement. Set a maturity goal for a process (say a 2 improving to a 5), click, and discover the needed staff time and resources. No other tool makes one-, two-, and three-year strategic plans and budgets easier to formulate.
  5. Dynamic – TrustMAPP helps track and report on progress. Enter your remediation steps into the tool, and visually see how investments strengthen security scores over weeks, months, and quarters without repeating a full assessment.
  6. Visual – TrustMAPP is a secure-cloud application that is easy-to-use on any mobile device. In minutes, CISOs can generate a presentation that clearly communicates security status and needs to executives and boards in even brief meetings.

Try TrustMAPP for yourself.